Meetings, Training, Conferences

Exercising its jurisdiction, this Public Prosecutor’s Office is objectively referred to cooperation with a large number of judicial bodies, as well as with other bodies and institutions. The importance and necessity of ensuring cooperation is also noted in Article 9 paragraph 9 of the Law on Public Prosecutor’s Office for Prosecuting Criminal Offences Related to and Arising from the Content of the Illegally Intercepted Communication, according to which all law enforcement bodies – state bodies and institutions should provide assistance at the request of this Public Prosecutor’s Office in accordance with the Law on Criminal Procedure. This Public Prosecutor’s Office also cooperates with international institutions and bodies.

In order to improve their knowledge and skills, the public prosecutors, investigators and employees of the Public Prosecutor’s Office have attended lectures and received training conducted by domestic and international professionals and experts with valuable knowledge and professional experience important for the work of this Public Prosecutor’s Office. Furthermore, representatives of the Prosecutor’s Office regularly attend domestic and international seminars and other events, as speakers and lecturers.